When browsing through its mailing servdirect mail servicesices Toronto now has a variety of marketing items to offer. Companies have been taking advantage of direct mail postcards for their marketing campaigns as an alternative to the usual flyers. One reason for this move is the ability of postcards to catch the eye of the potential consumer. Flyers, being the go-to form of advertising for years, may have been too widely used that they no longer evoke the same effect and response.

If you are looking for cheap flyer printing Toronto, there are firms offering such services for your company. However, this may translate to simpler designs, flimsier paper, and, as a result, minimal consumer reach. The postcards in full-color, on the other hand, are more attractive to the eye and with its heavier and glossier paper, more handy to keep and file for future references. After all, consumers are used to collecting and keeping the traditional postcards received from loved ones in the past.

A noteworthy disadvantage of using the postcard is the limited space. To make it more effective as a marketing tool, allow it to deliver only a single but powerful message to motivate the reader to perform something — whether to buy a product or to avail himself of a discount offer.

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