advertising merchandise torontoA lot of entrepreneurs and store owners are always looking for ways to get rid of extra merchandise that are not sold at the end of the year. These items are those that did not sell throughout the year.

Non-moving Products

Whether you like it or not, there are really items that will not sell as we expect them to. Retail store merchandising is not similar to printing services where products are made per order.

Retail stores should have adequate stocks for them to sell to customers. Some of these merchandises last until the end of the year without any movement in terms of sales.

There are store owners who decide to keep these items only to find out that the items are just hindrances from new stocks being sold. Hanging on to these merchandises will only lead to having old and outdated stocks in your store.

Helpful Tips to Dispose Non-moving Products

In business, something has to be done when you are in situation as mentioned above. There are a few tips that entrepreneurs can use to help them get rid of these excess items by the end of the year.

  • The first thing that business owners can do is to mark down the prices of those items that do not generate sales.

For those items that really do not sell, do not be afraid to mark down more than half of the price.

Those items that just sit there will not be of any help and if there is one way to get rid of them but earn from them at the same time, then this should be it.

When you are marking down prices, make sure you have a new batch of items coming in for the next season.

  • Give big discounts to the customers too. Popular companies are definitely doing this so you should join the hype and give discounts as much as they do. People always go for the sale items first.
  • The last thing that you need to remember is to constantly tell people about the sales and promotions that you have. Send out deals on your mailing list and update your store’s twitter and Facebook pages too.