commercial printingAmong the many services, commercial printing Canada is now offering direct mail postcards to answer your company’s diverse marketing needs. While its main purpose is to advertise your business’ services or products, postcards can also serve to carry a variety of information that you want to convey to both your existing and potential customers.

One common use of the postcard is to give your targeted segment a discount or coupon. This puts a certain value on the postcard and may extend its stay in your customers’ hands. If you have a mailing list, you can also use the postcard as your company’s greeting card during holidays to show your appreciation to those who have given you their patronage during the year.  You can also utilize it to introduce a new product, as invitation to conferences or special events that your business is hosting or to introduce a new company website.

In whatever way you will use the postcard, just remember to craft your message well and choose attractive images to catch your reader’s eye. Lastly, try not to cram too much information into the space in order to not confuse your reader and to deliver your message more effectively.