toronto businessHaving a good reputation is very important in businesses. It can dictate the direction of the progress of the business. People also shop based on the company’s or owner’s reputation so making a good name in the community is a big deal.

Things To Remember

  1. One of the things that businessmen must not do is to allow their wives, husbands or any significant others to degrade the employees of the company in public.

If the employee did something wrong with the mailing list for example, there is a set of company protocols that can be followed to provide appropriate sanctions.

Publicly criticizing them will never be justified, especially since they do not work in the company themselves. The employee might end up leaving and other employees might be threatened to do so as well.

  1. Businessmen should never sell something that was given to them as a gift. That just shows disrespect to the person who gave the present.
  2. When businessmen ask for favors, what they must not do is to control the person they are asking the favor with. Control should be left to the person whom they asked the favor and it should only be up to them on how they will complete the favor.
  3. When being invited to an event, it is important for businessmen specially those who are still establishing their names in the business world, to wait until the event is over before leaving. It might insinuate that you are not appreciative of the invitation and you might not get invited in the future at all.
  4. Judging a nice gesture that you requested from a friend will not help. For example, you asked a friend, not an employee, to take care of the flyer printing for an upcoming event. And you end up pointing out things that you did not like in the flyers. You should remember that it was a favor and you should be thankful.
  5. Businessmen should also maintain good conduct even in parties held outside the office. Doing something unlikely would just destroy your reputation and people will talk about what happened in the office. These things must be avoided so that reputation is protected.