toronto employeesAside from receiving the correct amount of salary, employees also needs other things for them to perform well in their jobs. Employers need to take a closer look at what their employees really need. It is already a known fact that satisfied and happy employees actually perform better. There are certain things which not related to pay that employers can provide their constituents to increase the latter’s satisfaction ratings.


One of the things that employees need from their employers is freedom.

  • Although following company protocols is also important, giving the employees the ability to decide for themselves on different things is also very empowering.
  • Employers need to understand that different tasks need various approaches in order to finish the job.

Target Setting

Setting targets is another thing that employers should practice in the office.

  • Through targets, the employees will be challenged to achieve something even if the work is almost done regularly.
  • Goals can add meaning to work and there is always something to look forward to. For companies that offer flyer printing, having a target sale level can boost productivity.


Having a mission statement also offers a sense of intention to the employees.

  • Employers should inform their employees on what the company is aiming to succeed in a given period of time.
  • They should also know what the company’s impact is to them, to the workers, and to the community as a whole.
  • Once the employees will understand this, they will begin to care for the company too.


Expectations should also be outlined carefully.

  • Employees should not be left guessing on what their bosses are asking from them.


Communication will be very important.

  • Getting useful inputs from the employees can also let them feel that they are part of the company. For example, a postcard printing company can solicit ideas from their workers on how to integrate different designs and patterns into their final products.
  • Bosses should also establish a connection to their employees. They don’t have to know everything about the employees but they can see how they are or how their families are doing.
  • Consistency should also be practiced through communication too.