presentaion folders torontoOf all the printing services you can avail of, the presentation folder is one of the trickiest to put together. It should not be made from a couple of brochures and the few flyers that you amassed, but something that must be planned well in advance. Every item you insert in there must point to a single objective.

  • No cohesive theme and design. Dumping all those extra brochure and flyer printing extras you have left over from previous marketing campaigns into your presentation folder is a disaster in the making. This mishmash collection will only serve to confuse your reader because they had been planned for a different purpose. Recycling your leftover printed materials may be practical, but be sure to weed out those that are not adding value to the folder. Check also for expired coupon dates should you happen to tuck old ones in.
  • Low-quality printing. One major turn-off for potential clients is shoddy printing work. These materials are supposed to represent you, your brand and your credibility to provide top-notch service. By failing to check your content for misspellings and poor grammar or by opting for flimsy material and cheap ink, you are telling the reader that you are sloppy as well.