catalogsCatalog printing, as opposed to flyer printing, is not a cheap advertising project to undertake. Because of this, you have to be wary of the possible reasons for it to fail.

Amateur Styling

Since the job of putting out a catalog is certainly not the same as a simple postcard printing, more thought should go into it. For one, it has more pages to fill with photos and text that will not only have visual appeal but can also sell. Lest it will come out like a scrapbook you made in high school, hire a graphic designer to give your catalog that polished and cohesive styling. On top of that, a company still needs to stick to its brand to avoid alienating its existing customers, but at the same time, put on a fresh spin on its image to keep it from appearing tired and worn out.

Frequent Product Changes

The best designed catalog out there will still fail when it is not backed by enough inventory of the products it features. Expect that you will be generating interest once you send out the catalogs so make sure that you have enough stocks to sell. Any price change or variation on the quality you promised on the catalog will likely not bode well with your customers.