flyer printingNowadays, printed advertising materials have gone beyond the usual flyer printing route. Every paper or card stock that can be printed with something can now be utilized as advertising space. One such overlooked possibility is the CD jacket. Created to accompany and protect the disk, the jacket is one promotional space that is begging for your to make use of. While those selling software products can transition into this medium with minor adjustments, other business can benefit from being a little crafty with the jackets as well.

If you are participating in a show or a presenter in a conference that gives you the opportunity to promote your product, CD Jackets can easily save you from having to do business card printing. Your contact information can be stamped on these covers that will include the typical giveaway CD containing your presentation notes. In designing these jackets, it is best that all graphics and works are in keeping with your company’s brand. That way, even if you are are making use of different printed paper alternatives, you can still achieve that one cohesive theme that you are pushing out to your demographic.