door hanger printingFor business owners who promote their products by direct mail commercial printing companies may offer another way for them to get the word out. Colorful and loaded with catchy phrases, door hangers are favored by entrepreneurs who want to zero in on their demographic. This is especially useful if your shop is catering to a particular residential community’s needs like laundry, food delivery, and the like, and you would wish to remind your customers of the services and products that they can avail from your store.

Being as handy as flyers, door hangers can also be given away to people or  left on their windshields if you would rather not distribute them to every household. When you do hang them on door knobs, you can be assured that the homeowner will be taking it off so your chances of getting their attention is higher than your competition who opted to send out printed materials by mail. Door hangers are also less likely to fly off at the slightest breeze because its thicker paper will hold it down. Just remember to utilize also its back page so you need not cram all your content at the front.