business cardsEntrepreneurs who are keen on finding alternative reasons to avail of business card printing are those who put a premium on getting the most out of their advertising buck. In a slow economy, one has to go outside the box and see what else can be done on this dependable marketing favorite.

Information Carrier

As the most handy material of all printing services options, the business card also reigns as one of the more inexpensive ones. Within its compact area, the customer can read all your contact details in a single glance. Use this small space wisely. A logo and slogan may help identify your brand and core beliefs, but if they will only take up a good amount of space, experiment on shrinking them down a bit or placing them at a corner. Other features like the color, font and graphics that you pick can also reinforce the image that you want to project to your customers.

Creative Twists

The possibilities of wringing more use out of your business card are endless. The back part can be printed with a calendar or with blanks to indicate a next scheduled appointment. Others convert these cards into tickets or discount cards that customers present upon purchase to rack up points.