small business printingChoosing the right person to promote in a sales team is quite different from the norms. In a corporate setting, it is a given fact that the employee who performs best is the perfect candidate for a promotion.

You would think that the best salesman in your team should automatically be the ideal person to become the sales manager. But this is not the case. Being a sales manager requires a lot more than knowing how to sell efficiently.

There are certain characteristics that you need to see in a person for you to be able to know that he or she has a good potential being a manager of the team.

Characteristics of an Ideal Candidate

  • A perfect candidate for a sales manager is someone who does not only know how to close a deal but should also be capable to teach people how to do so.
  • He should also know how to manage the team’s resources.
  • He must discern when to use the resources to enhance the sales of the team like hiring a printing services company or setting up a website.
  • A good candidate must also have leadership skills.

v  He needs to focus not only on his own sales but also of the team’s overall statistics.

v  He should be able to lead the team to success.

v  The leader should also be able to know how to teach the members of the team on how to be responsible of their own sales.

Even if an employee has all these essential qualities to become a manager, there are still so much things that you can teach them so that they can excel too.

Mentoring The Potential Candidate

  • As a mentor, you need to be able to provide training to the candidate especially if he has not handled a team in the past.
  • It is also important to teach him about what his tasks would be as a manager.
  • He needs to be aware of the sales process including advertising and marketing strategies.
  • You also might want to teach him about getting someone to comprehensively organize the mailing list so that the contacts will be of easy reach.