For your compandirect mail marketingy’s advertising efforts, there are free options you can take advantage of. There is article marketing, and there is classified advertising. Both techniques allow you to build backlinks to your website quickly. These can also be used to build your mailing list. But while you are doing these methods of promoting your business, it will also be advantageous if you consider looking at long-term ways to go about this as well.

For your article marketing needs, you can write the articles yourself – or you can always outsource this if you don’t like to write. Many don’t like to write, that’s why they are opting to outsource this. If you should proceed by writing your own articles, the trend is how-to articles. It is quite popular since people do want information they can use right away—and how-to articles happen to be just the type that readers find helpful.

Free classified advertising is great way to build backlinks. It may be more time consuming though than if you opt for article marketing. For those who don’t like to write articles, classified advertising is the way to go.

Both types of advertising are good ways to build your business. But if you want a third alternative, one that can be considered a long-term type of advertising, you can employ business software applications. With these, you can build your business while optimizing your marketing campaigns. You can also get services from direct mail Toronto companies.