Postcard printing calgaryBusiness owners who view postcard printing to be a mere child’s play will most likely fail in their campaign. Botching up a two-page advertising material  may be sound absurd to some but in reality, it does not take much to achieve just that. By obsessing too much on designing the most attractive postcard anyone could encounter, you may be neglecting its other equally important areas.


  1. Your content leaves much to be desired.

A mind-blowing design may catch the reader’s eye but the lack of persuasive words, misspelling, or putting down none-value-added content will not keep their attention. Hire a copywriter if you are unsure on the text and proofread your copy before sending it out to be printed.


  1. You skimped on the printing.

If you decide to go to whoever is offering the lowest cost for printing services out there, you cannot expect for the quality will be impressive. Lackluster prints with their faint or bleeding inks or flimsy paper will rarely help any campaign to succeed.


  1. You failed to plan for a concrete distribution method.

Once you have your stacks of postcards, they have to get out there into people’s homes. Get a mailing list or hire people to hand them out because having them sit in your office will not help you profit.