flyer printing torontoGetting more mileage out of your flyer printing campaign is easy when you distribute them as one of the advertising inserts in your Sunday paper. Some small business owners have certain apprehensions about this strategy because they would rather have their ads fixed at the newspaper section that relates the closest to their business, such as a car wash placed near the classifieds for used cars. Still, the flyer inserts have their advantages and could potentially increase the response rate.

Freedom to Design

In creating your flyers, you can opt to go with your trusted printing services company instead of being limited to the space and color restrictions on the actual newspaper pages. You can make your designs more attractive than the other ads on newsprint by opting for a glossy paper material and using high resolution images. You can even print the back page if you want.

Attractive and Convenient

With better print quality, your flyer is bound to catch the attention of the readers more. If you have included coupons in your flyer, they will also be easier to take out and clip than having the reader deal with ink stains and wrestle with a thick newspaper.